Let's be honest - fitness is tough. It's not overly complicated, but it IS difficult to accomplish. Reaching a fitness goal requires great will power and self control. Most people with a weight loss goal buckle down for a short period of time, only to fall off the horse. Even those who have achieved weight loss fall off the horse more often than not, gaining the weight right back.

If you're reading this, it's time to get back on the horse and STAY on the horse. Really, it can be done. But first, we have to understand WHY we so often fall off the horse when it comes to fitness.


There are two primary reasons exercisers fall off the wagon.


1. Unrealistic Expectations

Thanks to a fitness industry dominated by fitness models, celebrities, and "lose weight FAST" schemes, Americans have lost sight of what fitness really is. Unfortunately (healthy) weight loss is not achieved, and it's definitely not maintained, after just a few weeks. Even if you have success with an "extreme" fitness program or crash diet, by the end you're left feeling exhausted and scratching your head - what do I do now?

The problem with extreme fitness and crash diets is that you don't develop the sustainable, healthy habits required to maintain your weight loss. Fitness is a lifestyle, and weight loss is achieved over time. Your success is determined by the small decisions you make every day.

You'll be much more likely to stay on track if you have healthy, realistic expectations when it comes to weight loss. Start a sustainable, daily exercise plan based on doctor recommended exercise guidelines. Make the right, healthy, choices as you go about your day. Soon these choices become habits, and you'll lose weight permanently and be a whole lot healthier too.

"Extreme" fitness programs and crash diets are a lot like "Get rich quick" schemes. We all know that pyramid schemes and playing the lottery are not smart ways to accumulate wealth - instead you work hard and put money into savings whenever you can. You should have the same mentality when it comes to weight loss. Work hard, make the right daily choices, and your fitness goals will come.


2. ONE Small Mistake

This reason for falling off the horse is particularly unfortunate. Please, don't let ONE small mistake completely derail your progress and will to achieve your fitness goals. Most people who fall off the horse can pinpoint the exact moment they fell off track - a dinner at a not-so-healthy restaurant. That popcorn you had at the movies. Or that week you were so swamped at work that you didn't exercise at all.

Again, your success is achieved by every small decision you make when it comes to health and fitness. Over time, your success is determined by THOUSANDS of choices. Don't let one decision ruin all the good choices you made. And don't start making ALL bad choices due to one wrong decision. The fact is, a little fast food or even a holiday feast at home is not going to bring your progress to a screeching halt. It's ok to "cheat" from time to time.

Letting one bad health choice completely derail your fitness goals is like going on one small, frivolous shopping spree, feeling bad about it, then spending your entire life savings. One trip to the mall is no reason to give up on your savings and financial goals. And one trip to your favorite restaurant is not a reason to give up on your fitness goals. So if you slip up, it's OK. It's just one of thousands of choices that lead to weight loss.


How can you get back on the horse and STAY on the horse?

If you're reading this, we hope you'll use this information to get back on the horse and STAY on the horse.

Set a realistic goal. Start a realistic, sustainable exercise plan and STICK to it until it becomes a healthy habit.

Make the right health choices as you go about your day, and don't sweat it if you make ONE bad choice. It's just one of thousands of choices that will determine your success.


And if you're not sure where to start, HelloFit can help!


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