The consensus in the scientific community is that physical activity and consistent exercise come with numerous health benefits - so much so that there's an entire (billion dollar) industry centered on exercise.

But is the fitness industry doing its job? The simple answer is no, it is not. Despite the tremendous growth of the fitness industry, Americans struggle with chronic disease and obesity more than ever. How can this be?

Well ask yourself this - is the fitness industry working for you? If you answered no, it's probably not your fault. In many ways, the fitness industry is actually holding you back.


Here are 3 ways the fitness industry actually sets us up to fail.

1. It's too expensive. 

The average cost of a gym membership is 58 dollars per month, plus fees. Right off the bat, this is too high - but we're just getting started. Unfortunately the membership fee only gets you in the door. But what good is a gym membership if you don't know how to use the equipment or if you don't have an exercise plan? Ok, so hire a personal trainer. Well, this is going to cost you another 60 dollars...PER session. We're not mathematicians, but it sounds like this could add up pretty quickly. What good is a personal trainer if you can only afford to see him once or twice per week, if at all?

So maybe you consider group classes to cut down on cost. Well, this can still easily run you another couple hundred dollars per month at a local fitness studio. See where we're going with all this? Fitness is too expensive! But it doesn't have to be - if you’re motivated to lose weight and be healthy, you deserve to have the tools necessary to reach these goals at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

If only there was a legitimate, science-based exercise program that had ALL the tools you need to reach your fitness goals at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. Wait that's us! At HelloFit, $49.00 replaces your gym membership, group classes, personal trainer, and any other fitness expenses that you have. We’re doing this because at HelloFit, we know that if we’re going to truly to change lives, we need to make the knowledge and expertise that we have widely and easily accessible at a price that anyone can afford.


2. It's inconvenient.

We live in a very fast-paced society, and most people don't have time to add another commute to their daily schedule. For this reason, 67% of gym members never go to the gym. And this is totally understandable. Why should you have to get in your car and travel to a specific location to do something as simple as exercise? The key to success in today's world is efficiency. Gyms aren't efficient.



For those who do carve out time to go to the gym, they're often forced to work around other people's schedules whether it's for group classes or personal training appointments. Coordinating schedules is yet another hurdle to jump for those who trying to incorporate exercise into their weekly routines, often resulting in poor attendance and missed appointments.

Exercise isn't something you should have to work your schedule around, and it definitely shouldn't require a commute. The fitness industry is seriously lacking in convenient ways to get into shape. Exercising at home is the most efficient way to get into shape, and it allows for the consistency needed to reach your fitness goals. That's why we designed HelloFit to be done at home. If you LOVE going to the gym a couple times per week, great. Fill in the gaps with HelloFit.


3. It's completely unregulated.

Literally anyone can call themselves a personal trainer. There is no licensure, no board examinations, and no formal education required. This is especially scary in a society that, thanks to the internet, makes it possible for anyone to disseminate information to very large audiences. A vacuum salesman can decide one day to declare himself a personal trainer and market himself as a fitness expert. And sadly most people are none the wiser, trusting their health and fitness to someone with no training whatsoever. This sounds crazy, but it happens every day - and it's perfectly legal. This is a big problem.

Developing exercise programs and offering health and fitness advice demands a thorough understanding of the human body and how it functions during and after exercise. You need to master human anatomy and physiology and understand the chronic diseases that stem from physical inactivity, how they develop, and how they can be cured and prevented. You need to be able to read, understand, and interpret research in the field, which is constantly evolving. And of course you need to understand how to prescribe safe and effective exercise. It's not enough to be very fit - this does not qualify you to be a personal trainer. And you cannot fit an entire exercise science degree into a weekend certification, or even a reputable, accredited certification.

How do we fix it? Well, like any other health profession, the fitness industry should be regulated. For example, a medical doctor must have a medical degree and obtain licensure in order to practice. It is illegal to call yourself a medical doctor without meeting these requirements. A dietitian must have a master's degree in dietetics and also acquire licensure. A physical therapist must have a doctorate degree in physical therapy and obtain licensure as well.

These professions are heavily regulated due to the impact they can have on a patient or client's health. A dietitian helps people eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and a physical therapist helps to rehabilitate injuries. Why then, don't we regulate fitness professionals, who are tasked with preventing injury and safely prescribing exercise to people with a variety of health backgrounds.


Well, due to the extremely high demand for fitness professionals and the profitability of the industry, it is unlikely that the fitness industry will be regulated anytime soon. So as a consumer, it’s especially important to make the right choice when it comes to fitness. Make sure it’s a person or company you can trust, and who has the right credentials (exercise science degree and accredited certification).


Setting Yourself Up For Success

Unfortunately the fitness industry does, in many ways, set us up for failure. But by being a wise consumer, you can set yourself up for success. Fitness doesn't have to be expensive, inconvenient, or trusted to under-qualified fitness professionals.

HelloFit is the solution to all of the fitness industry's shortcomings.


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