We all know daily exercise is good for us. Exercise allows us to lose weight, feel great, and be healthier directly as a result. But who has time to exercise everyday? Well, that's an easy one - Everybody.

That's right! We said it. The fact is, we're all busy. In today's world, a 40 hour work week is more like a part-time job. We know how difficult it can be to fit exercise into your daily or weekly routine. So here are some tips to help!


1. Make your workouts EFFICIENT.

Busy people know they need to be as efficient as possible to stay on top of their daily to-do list. So if you're adding exercise to your daily routine, you'll need to be efficient! If you think you need to spend 2 hours driving to the gym, sitting in traffic, checking in, getting ready, working out, and driving home again, you're mistaken - and it's no wonder you don't have time to exercise everyday!

Nothing about this process is efficient. Instead, do a fast-paced workout at home.

You can instantly cut your workout time from hours to minutes by skipping all these unnecessary steps.


2. Make exercise a productive part of your work day.

Busy people and multi-taskers can fit exercise into their daily schedule by making it a productive part of their work day. For example, instead of meeting for coffee or lunch with a co-worker, try having a walking meeting. Walking has been shown to stimulate creativity, and it's a great way to "unplug" at the office which can allow for more productive meetings and more effective exchanges between co-workers. You can also try getting your reading done on an exercise bike or treadmill, or using a standing desk at the office. Or instead of taking a 30 minute break in the break room or on the couch, try getting a quick workout in. You'll come back to work feeling energized and refreshed!

As you can see there are lots of ways for multi-taskers to make exercise a productive part of the work day. You can get your daily workout in with no time lost at work! It doesn't get any more efficient than that.


3. Make exercise a priority.

The primary reason many people think they don't have time to exercise every day is simply because exercise is not enough of a priority for them. We MAKE time to do things that are important to us.

For example, you probably don't have to search for tips on how to incorporate showering and brushing your teeth into your daily routine. You do these things without question because you know you HAVE to in order to have good hygiene and to avoid cavities and gum disease. Well it's a fact that daily exercise greatly reduces risk of developing chronic disease.

For this reason, shouldn't a quick and efficient, 30 minute workout be just as much of a priority as brushing your teeth, showering, or putting on make-up every day?


4. Simplify your workouts.

If you're going to exercise daily, you're going to want to simplify your workouts. Don't spend as much time planning, searching for workouts, or scrolling through hundreds of exercise videos as you do actually working out.

Instead, start a comprehensive, easy-to-follow workout program like HelloFit so that all the planning is done FOR you. This eliminates the time spent researching and doing guesswork. Just login, workout, and know that you're doing the right exercises every day. That's about as easy and efficient as it gets!



There are many ways to fit daily exercise into even the busiest schedule. Your workouts should be simple and efficient. Very busy people can even make exercise a productive part of the work day. Most importantly, make daily exercise a real priority.


HelloFit is perfect for busy people and tight schedules. We offer a comprehensive, 90-Day home exercise program, with each day planned FOR you. It's simple and efficient - Just login and workout!