As consumers, we're able to make more choices today than ever before. You can purchase almost anything online in just a few clicks, with thousands of brands to choose from right at your fingertips. This is a good thing, right? The freedom to choose? Well sure, you could say that. But we contend that today's overwhelming ability to choose is in many cases a paradox.

Too many choices = Indecision = Inaction

What do we mean by this exactly? Well, when you're presented with countless choices, this often results in indecision. That is, you cannot choose. Therefore, you make no choice at all. Whereas if you had only a few choices to choose from, you likely would have made your decision and taken action.

Let's put this into a scenario that is a bit more relatable. It's 7:00 pm and you decide to watch a movie at home. You start to scroll through Netflix and find a few really good options, but you keep scrolling in case something better comes along. After spending some time sifting through Netflix, you decide to check Amazon. Now you have thousands more movies to look through. Suddenly you look up and it's almost 9:00 pm, and you decide it's now too late to start a movie. So much for movie night!

Now let's look at a similar situation. You decide to go to the movies for date night. You look up the nearest theater, and there are a dozen or so movies to choose from with specific showtimes. You pick a movie, and you go. Easy!

See the difference? When presented with thousands of choices and options, we spend so much time searching for the perfect choice, that we often make no choice at all. Or we become so overwhelmed that we abandon the idea altogether. It's better to focus in on a few really great options, make a decision, and stick with it.


The choice paradox is especially an issue when it comes to fitness. If you decide you want to start exercising, you have countless options to choose from. You can try one of dozens of gyms or studios in your area. Or you can look at online resources, where there are thousands more choices - and these choices are usually very different, offering competing information. Even worse, many of these options are very bad choices, and they sit right alongside the legitimate choices.

So where do you start? Well for many people, fitness becomes so overwhelming that they abandon the idea altogether. Others spend weeks or months researching their options often resulting in no choice at all. Those who do choose might try something for a little while before giving up prematurely to pursue other methods. But consider this:


Why is it your responsibility to choose? 

If you develop an infection, do you choose your own antibiotic? Or do you trust the choice of your doctor? If you're recovering from an injury or surgery, do you choose your own rehabilitation exercises? Or do you trust the choices of your physical therapist?

You trust them because these are not decisions you should have to make. So why should you have to decide what exercise program is best for you? Isn't this decision best left to a fitness professional?

At HelloFit, we simplify fitness with an easy-to-follow, 90 day exercise program based on doctor recommended exercise guidelines. Our health and science-based approach can help virtually anyone reach their fitness goals.

While similar websites proudly advertise that they offer "HUNDREDS of exercise videos to choose from," we don't burden our members with this overwhelming responsibility.

That's like walking into a pharmacy where the pharmacist proudly states that he has HUNDREDS of prescription medicines to choose from!" But that's not why you went to the pharmacy - you went to get a specific medicine to improve your health. The ability to choose is no doubt a good thing. But in many cases, it's better to leave the decision to an experienced professional.

If you're feeling overwhelmed on your fitness journey, you should give us a try! We've done all the planning for you, so you can focus on what's really important - your goals.

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